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Our Services

OUR SERVICES offered by BB Coach and bbcoach.com.  BB Coach does rv repair, bus repair, buses, eagle and mci buses.

Exterior Conversions

B & B Coachwork’s has experience in all types of structural modification and engineering on buses, including:

  • Accident and insurance claim repairs
  • Repairs and warranty work as an Eagle factory service center
  • Bus stretching
  • Bus widening
  • Roof raising
  • Slide-outs
  • Front and rear caps
  • Aluminum skin and new extruded siding
  • RV windows with sliding screens and thermo glass
  • Custom staircases
  • Café bay doors & louvre engine doors

Interior Conversions

B & B Coachwork’s can custom build your coach interior to the exact floor plan and specifications you require.

  • Electrical system including generator, batteries, inverters, 12V and 110V services, monitor panels, wiring and even solar panels.
  • Water system including water tank, waste water holding tank, pressure systems, water heater and all other plumbing.
  • Propane system with the tank, hoses, manifold and detectors. We can make your coach all electric if you prefer.
  • Air Conditioning is generally is 2 roof air, the heating can be diesel or propane.
  • Appliances for the kitchen, bathroom and living room can be built to your exact needs.
  • Layout of the coach is totally your choice. We initially build a cardboard mock-up of the entire floor plan and fixtures so you can be assured that the final product will be as you imagined.
  • Cabinets of your choice.

Parts and Accessories

Since 1976 we have been accumulating hard to find parts for buses. We often answer calls from all over the country for the supply of specific parts. If we can’t help you find the part you need, our workshop will most likely be able to fabricate it for you.

Over the years we have designed and developed many technical features that have become standard in other conversions.

Custom Modifications

  • Roof raising procedure
  • Lengthening of coaches to 45 feet
  • Widening of coaches to 102 inches
  • Fiberglass end caps for the wide-body bus
  • Glass inserts for the wide-body windshields
  • Raising driver’s area up to floor level “high driver”
  • Slide-out rooms
  • Swing-out café-style bay doors
  • Stretching a single 40′ piece of aluminum skin
  • Louvered engine door for better ventilation
  • Radiator sprayer
  • Revised engine accessibility hatch
  • Firing strips and foam insulation
  • Compact, high volume water, holding and fuel tanks
  • Air-operated automatic entry door step
  • Polished stainless steel bumpers
  • Non-fading tail lights
  • Full sized driver entry door
  • T-slide drivers door window
  • Remote backup camera housing
  • Spiral entry staircase
  • Swivel co-pilot seat
  • Improved vinyl headliner
  • Receiver/trailer hitch for the Eagle bus

Eagle Engine Alternatives

Many owners consider the power of the older coaches to be insufficient especially when driving in mountainous regions. Most of the converted Eagles have a Detroit Diesel 8V71 or a 6V92 engine, but with some engine compartment and cooling system modifications, the engine can be replaced. The replacement Cummins engines provide increased durability, increased torque and decreased emissions. The new engine includes the power steering pump, jake brake, alternator, starter housing and flex plate.

With our procedure for installing four-cycle inline 6 engines, we can retrofit the 855 Cummins (electronic or mechanical), the Big Cam 3 Cummins 400 horsepower, the Series 60 Detroit (electronic only) and the Caterpillar 3406 (electronic or mechanical). An engine replacement can be accomplished in about 30 days.Adding a turbo to a 8V71 engine is another alternative, which requires a complete engine overhaul, cooling system modifications, changing the pistons and changing the cam timing.

We can rebuild your Eagle engine compartment to accommodate a Cummins engine.

Engines purchased through our shop are built by the manufacturer, Williams Detroit or Cummins. They also come with a written warranty from the manufacturer. We install them at our shop and then a qualified mechanic from Williams Detroit or Cummins will come and do whatever is necessary to hook it up, start it and make any adjustments needed so it remains fully warrantied.

Supply of Shell

Although the customer usually supplies the coach shell for the conversion, B&B will help you in locating a suitable unit for the conversion.